Check out some of the great music that dropped in February! In case you missed it...(or even if you didn't) http://beboldbefearless.co/2015/03/in-case-you-missed-itor-even-if-you-didnt-february-2015/
We're continuing our collaboration with @realaxcess as he gears up for the release of his next major project R.A.S. Check out his latest single from the project called 'Lost Souls' http://wp.me/p4RTia-2bj
"A lot has been said about Desiigner over the past few months, some good, most negative. But let me tell why Desiigner isn't going anywhere anytime soon and is here for the long haul." Full Opinion: https://wp.me/p7Jqt4-2Cn
@realaxcess talks with us about juggling teaching, coaching, and music, bringing positivity to hip-hop, the current state of hip-hop, his influences growing up, and his upcoming mixtape, Rebel Against Society.