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New minimal logo design for the community
Just finished our first wave of changes and updates to the site. No new features or major back end stuff, but a lot of minor visual updates and improvements that'll help in maintenance and load times. Check all the changes out over on the blog: https://livinglifefearless.co/blog
Check out last weeks reactions to the new music that's been dropping. https://livinglifefearless.co
October was full of great moments for the culture and we're ready to crown the best of the month for albums, trailers, and music videos. https://livinglifefearless.co/
Check out some of this weeks most talked and interesing music videos from artists like Alicia Keys, Tech N9ne, Future, KiD CuDi, Bring Me The Horizon and many more. https://livinglifefearless.co/
Check out last week's reactions to some of the music that's dropped over the last few weeks. https://livinglifefearless.co/
Bad Boy Records' recent outpouring of nostalgia inducing collections and concerts has left me wondering about what could've, should've, and would've been. https://wp.me/p7Jqt4-2Jq
Over the decades comic books have matured and developed into true mythology that we'll be passing on to our next generation; supplanting the Greek mythos. https://wp.me/p7Jqt4-2Df
Been too long. Been way too busy with stuff on LLF but I'm back and got some updates incoming for The Collectivv
"A lot has been said about Desiigner over the past few months, some good, most negative. But let me tell why Desiigner isn't going anywhere anytime soon and is here for the long haul." Full Opinion: https://wp.me/p7Jqt4-2Cn
Musicphiles by LLF is our podcast completely dedicated to discussing the music culture and the latest happenings.
Aug 02 2016
'15 - '16 Second Half Season Offensive Highlights
'15 - '16 Second Half Season Defensive Highlights
'15 - '16: Mid Season Offensive Highlights
'15 - '16 : Mid Season Defensive Highlights
I've finally decided it's time to build my own personal site to showcase my body of work and career. Chronicling the progress here.
Jun 10 2016
Just a quick word of advice for those out there, if you haven't already bought your name or favorite username as a domain you should ASAP
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