Just finished our first recording
Mar 20 2016

Just like the title says, me and @artistdwalker have just finished recording the very first episode of The Fearless Show. We should have the audio up today or tomorrow, followed shortly by the video of our podcast!

Podcast Logo

The very first podcast show for LLF is coming very soon and it's fittingly called The Fearless Show. Dario Hunt (@iamdhunt) and Dareece Walker (@artistdwalker) will be discussing culture and creativity on a weekly basis. That can cover a lot of different topics; such as, the arts (art, film, photography, dance, etc.), design, brands/branding, fashion, extreme sports, etc.; both in general terms and current events. We’ll also be giving tips and advice on branding, design, the creative process, as well as having special guests come on and join us. We'll also be covering what's new in the community, i.e. any brands or individuals that we think you should be checking out. As well as any events, projects, listings, or media that has caught our attention.

You can get involved in the show yourselves by sending us any questions or topic suggestions that you want us to answer or discuss in the upcoming show. We will try to pick the very best ones each week. We would also like to eventually begin giving away free gear and other stuff to the suggestions/questions we've chosen that week.

So stay tuned to this project listing as well as our blog for any and all updates concerning The Fearless Show. We can't wait to get this out to everyone.

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