Our redesigned logo
This is where it all started...
LIVING LIFE FEARLESS has come full circle and returned to it's roots. Back to producing the content that we care about, covering all facets of culture, creativity, and the things we consider dope.
The community has been rebranded as THE COLLECTIVV. A group of people and brands with all manner of passions that share in the common goal of doing or creating something impactful and leaving their mark on the world.
Presenting our new full length text logo. More modern and slick, and no more need for the often confusing 'x' seperators. What do you guys think?
Our new brand logo in shortened form. Had to throw in some slants to fill up the dead space. What do you guys think?
We also wanted to be able to return to our more visual gorilla logo but in an updated fashion. Here's what we came up with.