'15 - '16 : Mid Season Defensive Highlights
I'll be opening up for Twista May 27th @ the Waiting Room Lounge (Omaha, NE)
Sometimes an artist just has to pour it out and vent. Check out this freestyle verse from Axcess called "Lost Souls"
Axcess and Taggiz remix Luniz "I Got 5 On It" and bring it back new life!! Check it out here and share with a friend!
My art up in an abandoned warehouse
at the shoot Taking pictures next to the art I brought for the @SparkzGawd music video
Posing with my art on set of a music video outside in #Brooklyn
We're happy to present the latest single from @realaxcess "Lost Souls" as he continues the build up to his next album: R.A.S: Rebel Against Society http://beboldbefearless.co/2016/02/llf-x-axcess-lost-souls/
And so it begins...The Fearless Show coming real soon!
Throwing it back to my sophomore year highlights
We've decided on a name for our upcoming podcast show: The Fearless Show. Stay tuned for more info! http://beboldbefearless.co/podcast/
@artistdwalker rocking the new heather grey FEARLESS. tee in front of his latest work!
Announcing that work has begun on our first podcast show! We're excited to release more content and talk about the things that we are passionate about: culture and creativity. Check out the post for more details and to learn how you can give input. http://wp.me/p4RTia-2bq
We're continuing our collaboration with @realaxcess as he gears up for the release of his next major project R.A.S. Check out his latest single from the project called 'Lost Souls' http://wp.me/p4RTia-2bj
2015 was a 'foundational' year for us in many ways. We finally relaunched the new community website and the apparel. 2016 will be even bigger for us as we try to take it to that next level! Learn more in the last post http://wp.me/p4RTia-2aB
Fresh in off the presses! Our new heather grey FEARLESS. tees. Get yours today from https://llfstyle.co/
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