Showing Love
Viewers at Dareece Walkers 3rd solo show May 2014
The artist caught in thought as his 3rd solo show concludes
Viewers entrances by the wood stain hologram "Family Affair" at Dareece's 3rd solo show
2nd solo show
@realaxcess in the new FEARLESS tee before his last show with the Nappy Roots!
We've decided on a name for our upcoming podcast show: The Fearless Show. Stay tuned for more info!
And so it begins...The Fearless Show coming real soon!
Announcing that work has begun on our first podcast show! We're excited to release more content and talk about the things that we are passionate about: culture and creativity. Check out the post for more details and to learn how you can give input.
"A solid album that showcases Posner's ability to write a compelling song. At times suffering from a "sameness" feeling that often leaves me listening to the dance remixes more than the originals." Full Reaction:
"The Perfect Luv Tape is definitely not high art, but it can be a fun ride if you're able to "turn off" for a while. Lil Uzi Vert isn't the first of this new wave of "rappers" but he shows why he's one of the better ones." Full Reaction:
"Star of the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop", Mr.Brainwash delivers a colorful yet lack luster exhibition full of references to the art-worlds most famous pop icons." Full Reaction: