Founder. Pro baller. Part-time programmer. Love all things arts, culture, and branding. If you want something, then go and get it.
I think that dope t-shirts and apparel are a great way to spread your brand. So check out what we got going on with apparel for L×L×F
Jun 11 2015
Started from a simple blog, but is evolving into so much more. A community of individuals drawing inspiration from one another.
Aug 05 2014
I've finally decided it's time to build my own personal site to showcase my body of work and career. Chronicling the progress here.
Jun 10 2016
This is the first podcast show for LLF, @iamdhunt and @artistdwalker will be discussing culture and creativity on a weekly basis.
Mar 04 2016
Musicphiles by LLF is our podcast completely dedicated to discussing the music culture and the latest happenings.
Aug 02 2016